Hello there, my name is ALFONSO. I want to share my experience with Vpecker Easydiag reset SRS light for my 2008 VOLVO S40. I will tell you how I reset SRS light and post some pictures when I was doing. Hope you can understand well because I speak Spanish not English.


First, Vpecker Easydiag is little like a connector and it can WIFI connect to the software I run on DELL laptop.
I chose my car VOLVO→S40→ 2008, then on control unit menu I chose SRS.
This tool showed me 4 DTC codes
Then I clicked ERASE, after that it showed “No DTC codes exist”, the fault codes were gone.
I turned off the ignition and turned on again to check whether my problem was fixed. Awesome! No more annoying airbag light! I like this Vpecker Easydiag diagnostic tool, little but powerful.
Actually, this tool I borrowed from my fiend just a try. Surprisingly, it turned off my VOLVO airbag light within minutes. So I ask him the website and also ordered one. This is the website: